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Zimbabweans Set Up Diaspora Network North America

Zimbabwe Diaspora Network North America, ZDNNA,

The Zimbabwe Diaspora Network North America or ZDNNA, officially launched Saturday, in the U.S. state of Maryland. A handful of Zimbabweans attended the launch.

ZDNNA launch
ZDNNA launch

As stated on its website, ZDNNA’s objectives and priorities are to, “build a skills database of Zimbabweans in the North American Diaspora; establish technical collaboration with the home front to exchange ideas and knowledge; research priority topics of relevance to Zimbabwe and collaborate in economic investment and recovery programs.” The organization further states it will, “work with individuals and communities, the private sector, knowledge institutions, multilateral and bilateral organizations to achieve those priorities.”

In an earlier interview on Studio 7, ZDNNA regional coordinator, Rev. Isaac Mwase, said membership is strictly on a non-partisan basis, and that all and any Zimbabweans are welcome to join, for an annual fee of $100 a year.

Zimbabwe Diaspora Network North America
Zimbabwe Diaspora Network North America

Mwase said, “we’ve come to believe strongly that a well-organized diaspora community, has tremendous power to transform life for itself here, and also for their families back in Zimbabwe.”

More to follow…