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Zimbabweans Living in Diaspora Applaud Mass Stay Away

Isabel Mwonzora - Tajamuka
Isabel Mwonzora - Tajamuka

Some Zimbabweans in the diaspora say they joined their counterparts in Zimbabwe in solidarity with the mass stay away throughout the country in protest against alleged government misrule.

Some Zimbabweans in South Africa staged a peaceful protest at the Zimbabwean consulate in Johannesburg. Isabel Mwonzora, a Zimbabwean based in Johannesburg, said their protest was in solidarity with people back home.

Tajamuka South African Demo
Tajamuka South African Demo

​"We wanted to do our part in showing our disapproval of how things are being run at home. We are part of Tajamuka a non-political grouping that is calling for the government to step down for allegedly failing to run the country," said Mwonzora.

​Another Zimbabwean, Zvidzai Ruzvidzo, based in the United States, said he used social media to distribute news on the situation at home as a way of supporting the stay away today.

"We applaud the efforts of all Zimbabweans back home. We tried our best to share information about what was happening on social media and also sending money home but unfortunately our friends and relatives were unable to access the money as there is no money in the banks," said Ruzvidzo.

Zvidzai Ruzvidzo
Zvidzai Ruzvidzo

​Zimbabweans on Wednesday heeded the call for a mass stay away and remained at home with some engaging skirmishes with the police in Harare and Bulawayo.

Mwonzora said their protest was a success even if they did not manage to hold a meeting with staff at the Zimbabwe consulate.

"We were protesting the ban of imports like groceries into the country and police brutality and we hope that now that the police are aware they can have their pictures splashed all over social media they will stop brutalising people especially those that will be protesting peacefully," said Mwonzora.

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