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US-Based 11 Year-Old Zimbabwean Donates Sports Kit To Rural School

  • Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye

Maka Chikowero

An eleven year old Zimbabwean swimmer and young sportsperson, Maka Chikowero, has donated a sports kit to Magaya Secondary School in the country's Murewa district after being touched by the plight of the needy children at a United Nations meeting held in New York at which she was a participant.

Maka saved her allowances to buy the sports kit for a girls soccer team at Magaya secondary school in Mashonaland East province.

Magaya Secondary School Murehwa
Magaya Secondary School Murehwa

Maka told Studio 7 she hopes to continue saving more money so that she can buy sportswear for other children.

“I hope that I can save more money and buy more sportswear for other girls who are not able to participate in sports of their choice due to not having the correct attire,” said Maka.

Maka said she enjoys swimming and is inspired by Zimbabwe’s gold medalist Kirsty Coventry, who is currently at the 2016 Rio Olympics where she hopes to pick up another silverware.

Maka Chikowero Swimmer
Maka Chikowero Swimmer

​Maka’s mother, Luci Ndongwe Chikowero, said her daughter caught her by surprise when she decided to make the donation.

“She asked me to drive her to a sports shop and she started buying sports wear for a girls soccer team and later told us she wanted to donate the kit to Magaya Secondary School in Murewa,” said Mrs. Chikowero, who admitted that they have no direct links with the school.