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Will Zimbabwe Penalize Bicycle Riders Not Wearing Helmets?

Cylists are expected to start wearing helmets in Zimbabwe following the amendment of the Highway Code crafted in the 1970s. (File Photo)
The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe says cyclists will now be compelled to wear helmets and pedestrians are set to be jailed for crossing roads at undesignated points.

The council says people using bicycles will be expected to use helmets all the time like motor cyclists. Pedestrians, who cross in undesignated points, will face up to six months in jail or made to pay a $20 fine, starting next year.

According to press reports, the Council says pedestrians are no longer allowed to cross the road while facing red traffic lights.

Such activities will be banned under the revised Zimbabwe Highway Code.
Such activities will be banned under the revised Zimbabwe Highway Code.
The revised code also recommends the penalization of pedestrians for using mobile phones while crossing roads.

Meanwhile, about 70 people have so far died this festive season in road accidents since December 15th. One of the accidents claimed the life of Rumbidzai Makumbe, the daughter of the late Professor John Makumbe of the University of Zimbabwe and member of the MDC-T.

Party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora says MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai attended Rumbidzai’s funeral on Saturday.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police, 132 people died in road accidents during the same period last year.