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Commodity Prices Stable in Zimbabwe

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) says prices of basic commodities have remained stable this year owing to stiff competition in the market as rent increases continue nationwide.

According to Matabeleland regional manager of the CCZ, Comfort Muchekeza, retailers this year have not adjusted prices of basic commodities such as bread, cooking oil, cabbages, tea leaves and other items.

Muchekeza says landlords, on the other hand, continue increasing accommodation and business rent with residential space now going for $60 compared to $50 per room last year in high density suburbs.

Meanwhile, after all the festivities associated with celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day and the new year, most parents in Zimbabwe are slowly getting back to the reality that schools are opening next week with very little or nothing left in their pockets to pull through the month of January.

“January disease” is all you hear from parents who have all but resigned their fate to religion as they seek divine intervention to end their financial woes.