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Zimbabwe Constitution Drafters to Wrap-Up Next Week

Zimbabwe's Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Eric Matinenga says progress has been made in the writing of the country's new constitution, adding drafters are expected to have wrap up by Monday next week.

Matinenga said the management committee, that has been meeting in Harare since Monday, adjourned Wednesday to give a chance to drafters to factor in what was agreed this week and in Nyanga last week.

However, sources said there was still the issue of the composition of the Constitutional Court that was still outstanding, but Matinenga told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that it was not an outreach issue, but a technical one and will be technically dealt with.

The other outstanding issues, devolution and dual citizenship are said to have been agreed on after the three political parties in the inclusive government finally reached an agreement that saw the issues being part of the new constitution.

Sources said the parties reached a deal on devolution that will see all the 10 provinces having a provincial assembly made up of Members of both the House of Assembly and Senate from that area, council representatives and elected individuals as well as a provincial governor.