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Zimbabwe Constitution Committee Confers With Matabeleland Civic Activists

Parliamentary Select Committee Co-Chairman Douglas Mwonzora said it was agreed that consultations between outreach organizers and civic organizations should be held every Thursday

Zimbabwean lawmakers in charge of the country's ongoing constitutional revision process and representatives of the three parties in the national unity government met Thursday with civic groups from the western Matabeleland region to discuss persistent problems how the public outreach process has been unfolding there.

The Matabeleland Civil Society Consortium complained last week that the select parliamentary committee in charge of the process was not doing a good job publicizing outreach meetings, resulting in the lowest turnouts nationwide.

Select Committee Co-Chairman Douglas Mwonzora told VOA Studio 7 reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that it was agreed such consultations should be held every Thursday so organizers and civic groups can update each other on the situation.

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association Coordinator Roderick Fayayo said the groups were happy with the outcome of the meeting.