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Zimbabwe Urged to Introduce Urban Community Courts

Traditional court in session in Swaziland. (File Photo)

Pelandaba-Mpopoma lawmaker, Bekithemba Nyathi, has urged Zimbabwe to seriously consider introducing community courts in urban areas for settling petty crimes and related cases.

Nyathi says most elderly people believe that this is the only way of instituting people-oriented justice.

“I have been engaging members of my constituency and what is coming out of those meetings is that there is a section of the community that strongly believes in the creation of community courts. These people believe that this is the only way of policing issues that affect them on a day to day basis.

“A large number of these people no longer believe in strong-arm enforcement of the law saying it does not fully rehabilitate offenders. I will soon engage the relevant ministry to ensure that we will do the right thing,” said Nyathi.

Zolani Mkiva of the Institute of African Royalty says such community courts are working effectively in South Africa.

Interview With Zolani Mkiva
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Most parts of South Africa and Zimbabwe have traditional courts in rural areas presided by chiefs, headmen and kraalheads.