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Zimbabwe University Students Arrested in Harare March Over Fees, Political Gridlock

Student sources said police in Harare earlier gave authorization for the protest of high university fees and political gridlock in Zimbabwe's inclusive government, but reneged, leading organizers to seek relief in the High Court

Some 25 Zimbabwean university students were arrested in Harare on Monday after they defied police and staged a demonstration to protest high fees and the inclusive government's failure to fully implement the 2008 Global Political Agreement for power-sharing.

Student sources said police in Harare had earlier given authorization for the demonstration but later reneged, leading the organizers to seek relief in the High Court, though without any result by the end of the day.

Wisdom Magara, a spokesman for the faction of the Zimbabwe National Students Union or ZINASU that is opposing the parliamentary-led process for constitutional revision, gave VOA Studio 7 reporter Chris Gande an overview of the demonstrations staged in Harare, Bulawayo and other locations in the country.