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Zimbabwean State Workers Spurn Government Pay Offer, Threaten Strike

Map of Zimbabwe
Map of Zimbabwe

Progressive Teachers Union General Secretary Raymond Majongwe said his union was not happy with the government offer, but would keep engaging the government and not disrupt the current school term

Representatives of Zimbabwean state workers Tuesday dismissed as "peanut shells" modest salary increases proposed by the government following a meeting between unions or associations of state workers and the unity government under the framework of the National Joint Negotiating Council.

The government offered increases averaging 11 U.S. dollars - US$7 more for the lowest-paid public workers. Most civil servants now earn an average of $155.00 a month and demanded a rise in salaries to US$500 for entry-level jobs.

Some organizations representing state employees have threatened a strike.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association President Tendai Chikowore, lead negotiator for state employees within the negotiating council, said union members would be consulted on the offer from the government.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe General Secretary Raymond Majongwe told VOA that his union was not happy with the government offer. But he said his union would continue to engage the government and also promised not to disrupt the current school term.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association Chief Executive Officer Sifiso Ndlovu told VOA Studio 7 reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that the offer was next to nothing.