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Salary Delays Angering Zimbabwe Civil Servants

The rest of the civil service, including nurses, doctors and government officials, will now be paid on January 05.

Civil servants say they are increasingly losing hope that they will get their salaries soon because of the postponment of the pay dates that has been moved forward twice within one week.

Teachers, who were supposed to have been paid early last week, will now receive their salaries Tuesday, that is if the date is not changed again.

The rest of the civil service, including nurses, doctors and government officials, will now be paid on January 5.

Richard Gundane, chairman of the Apex Council, a salary negotiating forum pitting together government and civil servants, told VOA Studio 7 that civil servants are getting restless.

"At a time when workers were expecting to have been paid their bonuses, the best thing is not to pay any workers in 2016," he said.

He said they keep hoping as they have been talking to government to come clean on the dates for the payment of bonuses.

"Up to now they keep promising and we have been holding onto the promises. We don't want to give up on this thing because bonus is a very important payment that is well deserved by the hardworking government employees of this country," he said

Studio 7 also reached independent economic commentator, Rejoice Ngwenya, who said government is failing to pay the workers not because there is not money but because it is failing to deliver.

Ngwenya says if the government of Zimbabwe was a stock company it would have been removed from the stock exchange.

"Which is why Chinamasa and his predecessor Tendai Biti have been saying we should be generating enough revenue to sustain itself," he said, adding, out of the $4 billion budget finance minister, Chinamasa said $3.8 billion was salaries but its now clear that its non-existent.

Economic analyst Phillip Chichoni added that the government has no money due to lack of a strong tax base.

"The money that is circulating is not government money but citizens' money. The government can only get it through taxes. So if companies are not making much profit the government cannot make much taxes," he said.

Adding that the informal market does not pay taxes and unless they find a way of taxing the informal market the money will remain beyond the government's reach.