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Chinhoyi Council Fails to Pay Workers Salaries

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions ZCTU
Chinhoyi has failed to pay November and December salaries and bonuses, snuffing the Christmas spirit of struggling employees.

The council has been staggering workers' salaries for the better part of the last six months. The situation does not seem to be getting better for the local authority and its employees.

Employees are complaining that the local authority, in a bid to improve its standing in the community on the back of bad publicity, spent too much money flighting adverts in the media, money they argue could have been given to the employees to boost their morale.

A council employee, who wanted to be identified as Gringo, said the situation is getting worse by the day.

"The management wasted council’s money issuing a press statement to the effect that they have the capacity to pay workers' salaries yet they were failing," said the Gringo.

Workers committee Chairman Gilbert Chaleka confirmed that employees have not been paid for two months.

He blamed mismanagement for the problems besetting the local authority, saying with January just around the corner, the situation is getting worse for workers as they have nowhere to turn to get money to pay school fees for their children.

Another worker, who refused to be identified, blamed politics for the situation in Chinhoyi Council.

He said the workers' committee is comprised of people who hold positions within the local Zanu PF structures hence they have failed to push management because "they speak the same language".

“The workers committee has been rendered useless because they are now political animals,” he said.

Acting Town Clerk Abel Gotora refused to comment on the issue.

Chinhoyi council's wage bill is almost $200,000 for its 450 workers.