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Nelson Chamisa MDC-T Set to Select Candidates for 2018 General Elections

Nelson Chamisa

The Movement for Democratic Change formation of Nelson Chamisa says it is ready to conduct the party’s primary elections ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

In a statement, the MDC-T said, it now has a “comprehensive panel of approved parliamentary and local government candidates ready to represent the party across the length and breadth of the country.”

The MDC-T said among its candidates are doctors, engineers, various professional disciplines and people of high standing who represent special interest groups in the country.

Following the compilation of the approved candidates’ panel, the party is now undergoing the second stage of candidate selection, which is consensus-building and primary elections where necessary.

“We are undertaking a robust process that will yield popular candidates that are grounded in and popular among the people. The party has also undertaken to take into consideration the view of party structures and members, ordinary people in a ward or constituency, as well as the views of traditional leaders, the church, labour and other opinion makers in the communities.

“The party wants to centre its candidate selection process around the people through a procedure that begins with a process of consensus between and among the candidates themselves, with a primary elections being the last resort if the candidates fail to agree among themselves.”

The MDC-T noted that over 3 000 people have submitted their curriculum vitaes showing interest in representing the party in the forthcoming general elections.

“Of the candidates who have submitted their CVs, 512 want to represent the party as parliamentary candidates while the rest wish to represent the 1,958 local government wards in the country. We are heartened by this growing interest in representing the party. In accordance with party’s roadmap, our candidate selection process will be complete by next week.”

The Chamisa-led MDC-T said the party would strive to abide by the women’s quota and the 20 percent youth quota during the candidate selection process.

“We are a social democratic party and we commit to abide by our values and resolutions. Among the quotas set aside for special groups will be a specific quota for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

“The MDC Alliance and its presidential candidate Hon. Adv. Nelson Chamisa will certainly win this election. As a party and as an Alliance, we are poised to bring positive change in the lives of the people through our robust policy programme anchored on the tripod pillars of Transformation, Opportunities and Prosperity. We have a new and dynamic presidential candidate who, together with his team, will transform the country and bring positive change in the lives of the people.”

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