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ZNCC, CZI Launch Report Blasting Corruption

Transparency International Zimbabwe
Transparency International Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Wednesday launched a report blasting corruption that they say has become a way of life in Zimbabwe.

The report calls on government to take tough measures against offenders.

The most prominent case of graft in Zimbabwe to date, at least in recent memory, is the disappearance of $15 billion worth of diamonds. No one has brought to account.

Economic commentator Rejoice Ngwenya, who attended the report launch at a breakfast meeting in Harare, says eradicating corruption has become almost impossible.

But with political will from the executive, it can be achieved, Mr. Ngwenya says.

President Robert Mugabe is on record denouncing corruption even among his government peers.

But Mr. Ngwenya says talk without action is not enough.

Cases of high-level corruption have dominated news headlines recently with the latest being the suspension of Zimbabwe Revenue Authority boss Gershem Pasi and other executives over a car importation scandal.

And now the tax collector has embarked on an ant-corruption drive, taking out graphic ads in the press and online.

But the campaign has not been without controversy.

One advert features a grimacing, bloodied woman with a knife to her throat. The message reads, “With every bribe you are committing murder.”

Transparency-International Zimbabwe and women’s rights activists say the commercial is insensitive and inappropriate as it exploits the issue of domestic violence.

Meanwhile, the British Embassy in Harare on Wednesday hosted an anti-corruption symposium where speakers expressed concern at the government’s ineffectiveness in tackling graft.

It coincided with an international anti-corruption summit hosted in London by British Prime Minister, David Cameron.