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Zimbabwe Cash Shortages Set to Affect Christmas Shopping

  • Gibbs Dube

Thousands of people are expected to flock to various commercial banks on Tuesday seeking money for buying goodies - a day before Christmas - following chaotic scenes in some banks in the past few weeks as customers failed to get cash in some of them.

Some Zimbabweans who talked to VOA Studio 7 about cash shortages and Christmas shopping, said they have no hope that banks like Metropolitan and Allied Bank Group will have adequate cash for their customers soon after the unity day holiday which ends Monday.

Some customers who failed to access cash on Wednesday and Friday turned violent as they attacked metropolitan and Allied banks.

One of the affected customers, Jefta Mutune, said he will not go back to Mt. Darwin to seek more cash after getting his share of the daily cash withdrawal limit of $50.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe insists that the situation is under control as some big commercial banks like Standard Chartered have adequate cash for their customers.

Banker Samson Nhliziyo said large numbers of people are expected to visit banks Tuesday with indiations that some of them won't get money for Christmas holidays.