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Zimbabwe Pharmaceutical Firm Sanctioned Over Unauthorized Manufacturing

Some drugs like antibiotics are now in short supply in Zimbabwe following an order by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe for Caps (Pvt) Ltd to withdraw drugs it manufactured at a new firm which has not been inspected.

Zimbabwe's Medicines Control Authority ordered Caps Private Ltd. to withdraw all its products from pharmacy shelves after it came to light that the fiirm was manufacturing in an uninspected facility

The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe has ordered pharmaceuticals maker Caps Private Ltd. to withdraw all its drugs from the following disclosures that it was producing drugs in a new and uninspected Harare plant.

Industry sources said most drugs manufactured by Caps have been withdrawn from pharmacies and quarantined in holding centers. This has resulted in shortages of prescription drugs such as antibiotics as well as non-prescription remedies.

VOA could not reach a spokesperson for Caps or the state control authority. But pharmacists said Caps has acknowledged making drugs at the new factory without official permission.

Pharmacist Sikhumbuzo Mpofu of Bulawayo told VOA Studio 7 reporter Gibbs Dube that if Caps neglected to follow proper procedures it could take some time to open the new factory which would extend the current drug shortages.