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Zimbabweans Launch Breast Cancer Month

Cancer screening
Cancer screening

Two Zimbabwean organizations Friday launched the breast cancer awareness month, commemorated throughout the world in October in an attempt to fight cancer.

Members of the Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and the Cancer Association in Zimbabwe marked the day at the Harare Gardens with calls for women to visit clinics and hospitals for breast cancer checkups.

Guest of honour, cancer expert Dr. Anna Mary Nyakabao, told the gathering that most women don’t seek early treatment for breast cancer, leading to a number of deaths for a disease that can be controlled if detected early.

Dr. Nyakabao what is worrying is that a large number of women seek help from ministers of religion, who falsely claim that they can treat the disease through prayers.

She said women should seek proper treatment from clinics and hospitals whenever they suspect that they are not well.

The theme for the breast cancer awareness month is ‘Think pink, find it, fight it and win the battle.’

Indications are that at least 5,000 people are diagnosed of various cancers in Zimbabwe every year with 1,500 deaths recorded annually.