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Blood Services Appeals For Donations to Restore Supplies

Blood donation
The National Blood Services of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) is urging people to donate blood, saying its stocks are nearly depleted after a string of deadly road crashes this month put a major strain on the nation’s blood supply.

Esther Masunda, spokesperson for the NBSZ, said yesterday in a press statement that the blood bank has 1,551 units, less than the nation’s hospitals typically use in just one week.

The statement said hospitals in Harare and Bulawayo are running particularly low on blood.
The head of the Casualty Department at Harare Central Hospital, Dr. Edwin Chikati, said the blood shortage is very worrying.

The NBSZ statement went on to say it will aggressively appeal to people to donate as much blood as possible so that the blood stocks can be restored to the standard 2,500 units.

The death toll on Zimbabwe’s roads over the holiday period has reached 150, making it one of the bloodiest festive seasons in recent years.