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For Climate, No Place Better Than Zimbabwe to Live - International Living

International Living rated Zimbabwe first among countries for quality of life where the climate is concerned, if not for the economy or for freedom of expression and other human rights

For a change, Zimbabwe has achieved recognition for something other than posting the second highest rate of hyperinflation in recorded history: it has the best climate of any country in the world, International Living says.

International Living compiles an annual ranking of the world’s best countries to live in, and gave Zimbabwe full marks for its temperate climate. Climate scores are based on average rainfall, temperature and disaster risk.

Zimbabwe was the only country to score a perfect 100 points in the rating for climate - though it performed dismally in economic and freedom ratings.

It scored zero for economic opportunity and eight (8) for freedom. It ranked in the middle of the pack for leisure, culture, risk and safety, and registered a surprising 77 on environmental factors. But it scored below average where infrastructure, health and living costs were concerned.

Zimbabwean tourism expert Zifiso Masiye told VOA Studio 7 reporter Gibbs Dube that it was not surprising to him that Zimbabwe stood out when it came to a sunny, temperate climate. Harare used to be known as "Sunshine City."

“Unlike economic, social and human factors, climate has not been affected in any way in Zimbabwe during the past 10 years," Masiye said. "The country has a wonderful climate especially for tourists and visitors."