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Mugabe's Trips to Asia Worrying Zimbabweans

  • Gibbs Dube

President Robert Mugabe (File Photo)
Some Zimbabweans have expressed concern over President Robert Mugabe’s constant visits to Singapore where he usually undergoes what the government describes as a routine eye check up.

They say his third visit this week to the Asian nation is worrying as the country needs a leader who can stir Zimbabwe out of its current social and economic problems.

One of the concerned Zimbabweans is human rights activist, Clement Moyo, who says the president’s continuous absences are an indication that he is no longer fit to rule the country.

But Zanu PF activist Morris Ngwenya says Mr. Mugabe’s visits have nothing to do with issues like corruption.

Independent political analyst David Monyae says his trips are creating a lot of political anxiety in Zimbabwe and beyond.