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Police Release Arrested Protesters As Fight Breaks Out in Parly Hearing

FILE: The protesters at Africa Unity Square in Harare where they wanted to camp for 16 days.
FILE: The protesters at Africa Unity Square in Harare where they wanted to camp for 16 days.

Political activists who were arrested recently for attempting to stage a 16-day protest at Africa Unity Square and were slapped with a bail of $1,000 each have been released from remand prison.

The activists, who include Patson Dzamara, the brother of abducted political activist Itai Dzamara of Occupy Africa Unity Square and Linda Masarira of Women in Politics Alliance, are demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe and government’s immediate response to problems gripping the country.

In a related development, at least 20 youths drawn from various political parties and civic society organizations, under the banner of Tajamuka/Sesijikile who were Thursday arrested for commemorating the International Day of the African Child, have all been released without charge but not after a thorough beating by police.

Charles Nyoni of Occupy Africa Unity Square, led by Itai Dzamara, told Studio 7 some of the youths were taken to hospital Friday where they were treated and discharged.

Meanwhile, violence broke out Friday at a public hearing on the Local Government Laws Ammendment Bill in Harare for the second day. The same clashes took place at Rainbow Towers on Thursday.

All hell broke loose when a woman made her contribution saying she is not happy that the Bill will give the minister too much powers to dismiss councillors and local authority officials.

Harare city councillor, Thamsanqa Hadebe who was at the meeting, said ruling party activists leapt to their feet, charging towards the woman but she was saved by members of the public who rushed to her defence and a fist fight ensued.