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UZ Student Faces Arms Charges

A University of Zimbabwe student was today remanded in custody for allegedly requesting arms of war from the shadowy Facebook character, Baba Jukwa.

Romeo Musemburi was arraigned before Harare magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe on criminal nuisance charges after he allegedly requested arms to allegedly overthrow the elected government of President Robert Mugabe.

Prosecutor Michael Reza claimed that Musemburi wrote an email to Baba Jukwa soliciting for guns. According to the prosecution, the email read, “We want pfuti (guns), give us and we will hit the streets and fight for democracy”.

Magistrate Chikwekwe advised the 20 year-old economics student, who was represented by attorney Tonderai Bhatasara, to apply for bail at the High Court saying he had no jurisdiction to preside over a bail application in a third schedule offence. This implies that it is a serious offence.

The magistrate told the suspect to return to court on July 16th for routine remand.

Musemburi becomes the third suspect to be arrested in connection with the shadowy Facebook character that is critical of the Zanu PF government.

Sunday Mail editor, Edmund Kudzayi and his brother Phillip, are in remand prison on allegations that they conspired to overthrow a constitutionally-elected government and communicating statements that are prejudicial to the state.

They are also facing charges of undermining the authority of the president but they are both denying all the charges. Meanwhile, Edmund’s bail application is set to be heard at the High Court tomorrow.

Critics say the government is on a wild hunting expedition in an attempt to account for the shadowy social media character.