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Zimbabwe Civil Servants Fuming Over Govt's Lack of Commitment on Bonuses

FILE: Striking civil servants attending a rally in Harare.

Zimbabwe’s civil servants are unsettled over government’s silence on this year’s bonuses with only 10 days left before Christmas Day.

Apex Council chairperson Richard Gundani told VOA Studio 7 they are worried that nothing is being done by the government to pay the traditional 13th cheque with reports that even the country’s armed services did not receive their bonuses Tuesday.

The armed forces were supposed to have received their bonuses last month but the government failed to deliver.

Gundani said they are putting pressure on the government to announce dates for paying the bonuses.

The Apex Council negotiates salaries and conditions of service with the government on behalf of civil servants.

Meanwhile, parliament on Tuesday started analysing the 2016 national budget but proceedings started a bit late after Movement for Democratic Change lawmakers complained that Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa had violated the constitution by not allocating funds to provincial governments.

MDC-T parliamentary whip Innocent Gonese told parliament the constitution compels the government to allocate 50 percent of the national budget to provinces.

He added that commissions set up by the government should be allocated funds, but complained that this did not happen.

Chinamasa said he is unable to disburse any funds to provincial governments because there is no law that guides such kind of disbursement.

He called on parliament to come up with such a law.