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University, College Students Planning Street Protests

Graduates at a press conference in Harare, July 27, 2016.

University and college graduates, who are failing to get jobs, say they will stage a peaceful march next week to express their dismay over the current harsh economic situation in Zimbabwe.

Some unemployed graduates told journalists in the capital city Wednesday that they have been reduced to beggars as they cannot find formal employment in an economy that is not generating any jobs.

One of the graduates, Samuel Meso, who has Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Degree, said it is worrying that President Robert Mugabe remains in power when most of them cannot find jobs.

Meso accused the president of running a government with allegedly corrupt ministers and other state officials, who cannot come up with policies to create jobs for graduates and other people in the country.

Howard Madya added that most Zimbabweans are expected to join the peaceful march on August 3rd.

A graduate wearing his gown in Harare, July 26, 2016.
A graduate wearing his gown in Harare, July 26, 2016.

The graduates said they have already written a letter to President Mugabe asking him to address their concerns before the march.

Another graduate, Kudzai Hove, said they posted the letter as they could not physically hand it to him.

Zimbabwe has been hit by sporadic protests with Zimbabweans expressing their disgruntlement over the Zanu PF government’s promises in the run up to the 2013 general election that it would create 2.2 million jobs. The country has an estimated unemployment rate of 89 percent.

Meanwhile, some Zimbabweans calling themselves Concerned Citizens, have urged President Mugabe’s government to hand over power to a transitional authority in order to address the current social, economic and political crisis in the country.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare today, the group said without urgent action, the country faces a real threat of social unrest and the probable collapse of the state.The group is proposing that only a National Transitional Authority or NTA will be able to lead Zimbabwe through a period of key reforms and economic stabilization that will result in free and fair elections.

Dr. Ibbo Mandaza, an academic and a member of the group, said the National Transitional Authority may save Zimbabwe.

Some of the people demanding a National Transitional Authority in Zimbabwe.
Some of the people demanding a National Transitional Authority in Zimbabwe.

Another group member, Briggs Bomba, the transitional authority can be an instrument that would allow the country to move from the current deepening crisis.

He suggested that the NTA would create a conducive environment even for free and fair elections.

The group is suggesting that the National Transitional Authority should be composed of non-partisan Zimbabweans, who should ensure that Zimbabwe holds undisputed elections and the necessary reforms, needed to turn around the country’s economy.

Tsitsi Dangarembwa, an author and filmmaker, told Studio 7 that the National Transitional Authority is the only viable option Zimbabweans have.

There was no immediate reaction from state officials and the office of the president and cabinet.

Report on Graduates Filed By Patricia Mudadigwa
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