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Lucky Zimbabweans Take Part in U.S President's Last Easter Egg Roll

  • Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye

Doreen Taderera With Son Anthony At White House Easter Egg Roll.

Some lucky Zimbabwean families joined the United States first family Monday when the Obamas hosted their last Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

Some of the families, who were at the event, won the White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery while others came under different tickets.

Doreen Taderera and her eight year old son, Anthony, joined 35,000 people on the South Lawn of the White House for games, storytelling and the traditional egg roll held annually. This year’s theme was “Let’s celebrate.”

Doreen Taderera With Son Anthony
Doreen Taderera With Son Anthony

Taderera said she entered the lottery a few months ago alongside her friend and was surprised to have won.

"My friend urged me to play the lottery and we had a pact that whoever won would share the tickets. I won and shared the tickets with my friend. We played the lottery two months ago and completely forgot about it, on finding out I had won I decided to keep it a secret from my son and surprised him Monday when we turned up at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll," said Ms. Taderera.

Another Zimbabwean based in Maryland, Robyn Travers, and her seven-year-old daughter, Addisyn, were also part of those who joined the festivities.

"It was a day to remember and my daughter says she now feels inspired to strive for greater heights following the historic White House Easter Egg Roll. We also got a chance to play games and see some of our children's favourite television characters and singers and just knowing that this is the place that the first family lives was priceless," said Ms. Travers.

She said, "The event also included some nutritional and educational programs for kids and all my relatives back home in Zimbabwe are so excited that we got a chance to be at the White House. It's an experience I will share time and time again when I return home," said Travers.

"There was also a mini podium where children would go to and pretend they were giving speeches my daughter loved this one and she also took part in the dancing competition they had."

Robyn Travers And Her Daughter Addisyn
Robyn Travers And Her Daughter Addisyn

Despite security threats that delayed the event Monday, Taderera in an exclusive interview with Voice of America's Studio 7 said her son Anthony was inspired by the visit.

President Obama is due to leave the White House next year in January following November elections that will usher in a new president.

Most Zimbabweans say the last eight years of President Obama's administration have made the White House more accessible to minorities, including immigrants.