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Information Minister Jonathan Moyo Out of Cabinet

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Information Minister Jonathan Moyo.

Zimbabwe's Information Minister Jonathan Moyo lost his ministerial post on Tuesday due to what his sidekicks are calling "a temporary technicality."

Moyo, who was appointed by President Mugabe as a non-constituency lawmaker in 2013 could no longer continue serving after securing a contested parliamentary seat in by-elections two weeks ago.

His aides and legal sources said on that predicate, Moyo had to step down and hope for reappointment, though it remains unclear if President Mugabe will oblige.

Other sources told us Mr. Mugabe was angry at Moyo and accused him during a cabinet meeting of contesting the by-elections without personally informing him.

VOA reached out to Moyo for comment but he was not picking his phone. Analysts say given the rancor and factional fighting in Zanu PF, Moyo's future as information minister remains up in the air.