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Mentorship: Secret to Captivating Zimbabwean Youth

Audery Mpunzwana.

A Zimbabwe woman and celebrity is unwavering in her purpose to see youths live life to the fullest, climb up corporate ladders in their careers and empowering others with the same acquired skills.

Audrey Mpunzwana is the Media-Director for IC Publications based in the UK. She began her career in radio and television and has since worked in various corporate and development communication roles in Africa and Europe.

Role of Mentorship

Mpunzwana says, “I think the reason I am a strong believer in mentorship, is because I have been mentored throughout my life.”

She adds by explaining what mentorship encompasses. “Mentorship is taking all the skills, experience and everything endowed to you and sharing that with other people.”

Audrey Mpunzwana at conference
Audrey Mpunzwana at conference

Mpunzwana further says, “I was very fortunate to have people who believed in me and took risks, in order to give me an opportunity that I would rather not have had.”

Challenges of Mentoring

Mentoring has its challenges and is a laborious process. “It takes two both the mentor and the mentee to define the expectations from their relationship. Mentoring is a long process and normally the mentor is a busy person, senior person or could be peers but I think (mentorship) it requires a lot of the time, energy and a lot of patience.

She adds, “Time-wise you need to invest in your mentee and make yourself available not just in time but be there to listen.”

Recognizing your mentor

Audrey studied sociology at undergraduate level and holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from the Center for Mass Communication Research at the University of Leicester. She received a British Council Study Fellowship and undertook leadership development programs at the London Business School and Exeter University.

“I started my career early, straight from university, and you really not sure what you want to do, I was a junior producer presenter. I was approached by my mentor and she took me under her wings, a lady called Busi Chindove. She showed me the ropes and what to do, she made certain opportunities opened up to me because I believe she could really see what potential and possibilities were there. If you can see the potential in someone and they feel comfortable enough to learn from you, then that becomes really rewarding”

Audrey Mpunzwana
Audrey Mpunzwana

​Fear is a huge barrier and as young people feel daunted, there is light at the end of the tunnel. She says, “We have a unique opportunity in this, a capacity to learn and give, and we have the capacity to give each other so let’s build each other.”

Mentorship is an priceless opportunity for the youth. “It’s something you can’t put a price on, it’s very very valuable. To the Zimbabwe youth I would say believe in yourself, this is (believing) a very very good place to start.”

Interview With Audrey Mpunzwana IC Publications Media Relations Director On Youth Mentorship
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