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Zhanda Says 'Political Hooligans' Lying About Caledonia Farm

Paddy Zhanda, Zimbabwe's Deputy Agriculture Minister Responsible for Livestock. Photo courtesy of FAO.

Zanu PF Goromonzi North lawmaker Paddy Zhanda is refuting reports he has allowed people who illegally occupied his Caledonia Farm in his constituency to stay.

Last month Harare East Member of Parliament and Zanu PF member, Terrence Mukupe, told the more than three thousand illegal occupants at the farm that Zhanda had given them a lifeline and was now allowing them to stay.

This, after the occupants’ houses were razed to the ground following a High Court order in favor of Zhanda and his business partners.

Zhanda, who’s also who is also the deputy agriculture minister responsible for livestock, says while some politicians are claiming that the farm is part of Harare, that cannot be true since it is in constituency.

Desperate home seekers are said to have lost thousands of dollars buying residential stands on the farm.

“I think it is just mischievous and unreasonable for anybody to suggest that,” said Zhanda of Mukupe’s statement.

“Why did we go to court to get that eviction order… so we could be able to plan according to the requirements of physical planning, submit our plans, they are approved and then we can move in to make sure there are facilities associated with proper care of people; the issue of sewage and others things.”

He adds the politicians telling the people to stay on his property are ‘political hooligans who think they can win votes by doing that”.

He said those invading the farm because he has a white business partner, Zhanda said: “Is that what the law of the country says? Are white people not accepted in this country… that’s not true anyway, the farm is owned by a company which is in compliance with the indigenization regulations.”

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