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Zimbabwe's Electoral Body Says It's Ready for Wednesday's Poll

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission says it ready for Wednesday’s presidential and parliamentary election, adding it has already dispatched ballot papers, the voters roll and other necessary materials to all provinces in readiness for the poll.

ZEC chairperson Justice Rita Makarau told journalists the commission would by Tuesday have completed its preparations for the elections.

More than 106,000 polling officers were deployed Monday as preparations for the harmonised elections gathered momentum.

“I can confirm that we are now 99 percent through with our preparations and we are only tying the loose ends,” she said. “In terms of planning, everything is well advanced and we are now looking if there is any area that is short of something but so far so good.”

Justice Makarau said political parties and candidates can now access copies of the voters’ roll from the Registrar General’s office. Justice Makarau said due to logistical problems ZEC would not be able to provide electronic copies of the roll.

She said because of complaints from political parties and other stakeholders, the voters’ roll will be re-opened for inspection from Tuesday at all polling stations across the country.

ZEC has printed 8.7 million ballot papers for the election, said Justice Makarau. Fidelity Printers produced the ballot papers for the presidential and national assembly elections and Printflow Private Limited and police printers produced for local council elections.

The country’s voting population currently stands at 6.4 million.

Justice Makarau said voters should go to their polling stations early, adding there would be a total 9,750 polling stations with authorities anticipating a huge turn.

She said no-one will be turned away from polling stations if they are in the queue before closing time.

Justice Makarau said local authority election results would be announced at ward level, national assembly at constituency level while presidential results would be announced at the ZEC head office.

She warned that it is illegal for anyone to announce presidential results ahead of ZEC, adding the electoral body’s chairperson is the only one allowed by the law to do so.

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission has urged the electorate to vote in peace, adding the political parties and their supporters should remain calm and peaceful after the electoral process.