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Legendary Soccer Analyst Dennis Liwewe Dies

Dennis Liwewe
Legendary soccer commentator Dennis Liwewe of Zambia has died.

His son Ponga told a journalism forum, Open Zambia, that the soccer analyst died at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital in Lusaka Tuesday morning.

“Yes, he has died. He died at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital about an hour ago. I am in Kitwe right now but we’ll give you more details when I get to Lusaka,” said Ponga.

Liwewe, known as the 'Voice of Zambian football', is said to have succumbed to liver complications.

He was born in neighbouring Malawi and began his journalism career by working as a reporter at a newspaper owned by mines in northern Zambia.

He travelled at least 96 times to 42 countries around the world in his 41-year illustrious career broadcasting from different stadiums to millions of people who enjoyed his distinct voice on the airwaves.

Founding Zambia president Kenneth Kaunda recognised Liwewe's influence on football in the country and awarded him the prestigious Order of Distinguished Service in 1977.

Zimbabwean soccer commentator Charles Mabika adopted Liwewe's live soccer commentary style, much to the amusement of most local people.