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Gweru MDC-T Youths Stage Evening Election Protests

Suspected MDC youths demonstrate in Harare demanding an election re-run
With Zimbabwe now set for Robert Mugabe’s inauguration Thursday as the country’s president for a seventh term in office, some youths linked to the Movement for Democratic Change formation led by losing presidential candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, have been staging peaceful demonstrations in the evening demanding fresh elections.

For the second day this week, the MDC-T youths have been singing and toyi-toying in Mkoba high density suburbs claiming that the elections were rigged by President Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.

The youths, who started the protests last week, say they are staging the peaceful demonstrations as a way of showing their displeasure over what they say was a flawed electoral process.

One of them, who only identified himself as David, says they will continue with the street protests even if the Constitutional Court dismissed Tsvangirai’s petition challenging President Robert Mugabe's re-election.

"(President) Mugabe is not the legitimate president of Zimbabwe. He rigged the elections. We want the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to publicise all the information which was being demanded by the MDC in the courts," he claimed.

Amos Chibaya, who was recently elected to represent Mkoba constituency in parliament and is a member of the MDC-T, says he is aware of the protests, adding that he supports them as he is also unhappy about the outcome of the polls.

Although many people have expressed dissatisfaction over the election results, some youths told VOA Studio 7 that they don’t think that staging demonstrations would change anything since the Constitutional Court has already ruled that President Mugabe won the presidential election which it described as free, fair and credible.

Mr. Mugabe has ruled the country since independence in 1980.