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International Chorus of Criticism for Vuvuzela Horn-Blowing at World Cup Games


International television viewers say they're turning off the sound and in some cases turning off the Cup to get away from the buzzing sound of vuvuzela horns, but most Africans cherish the plastic trumpets as part of local culture

A major controversy has sprung up around the thousands of vuvuzela horns that have made the World Cup games in South Africa sound like a vast swarm of bees, irritating listeners worldwide and sparking calls for a vuvuzela ban.

Studio Seven correspondent Benedict Nhlapho reported on the vuvuzela debate.

In World Cup action on Thursday, Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain pulled off the first hat trick in the Cup series to help defeat South Korea 4-1 at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg.

In another Group B match, Greece defeated Nigeria 2-1 after Nigerian Sani Kaita got a red card for rough handling of Greece’s Vissils Toresidis in the 33rd minute and was sent off the pitch.

France and Mexico were battling it out, with Mexico leading 2-0.

Recapping Wednesday’s action: Chile defeated Honduras 1-0; Switzerland upset favored Spain 1-0; and Uruguay trounced South Africa 3 goals to nil.

Despite South Africa's lackluster performance so far, Zimbabwe Warriors and Dynamos player Cuthbert Malajila told VOA Studio 7 reporter Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye he still hopes an African team will reach the next stage - but said he was disappointed Nigeria’s Kaita lost his temper and left his team a man short.