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Zimbabweans Following With Zeal U.S Presidential Poll Processes

John Goodie (L) accompanies supporter Jerry Emmett before a campaign rally by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Carl Hayden Community High School in Phoenix, Arizona, March 21, 2016.

The Republican and Democratic party political machines are hard at work following their conventions held recently.

The two parties are now fighting to win public support for their candidates – Republican Donald trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton – who have hit the campaign trail in preparation for the November presidential election.

For perspective on the electoral process in the run up to the poll, Studio 7 reached Professor Francis Musoni of the University of Kentucky, who said Clinton is better positioned to win this year’s election.

“She has a lot to offer in terms of experience, in terms institutional backing, in terms of the democratic party itself, in terms of other prominent figures, political backing and policies she is putting on the table and how they are going to be received by a lot of people in America and also you have a lot of discord in the Republican party.”

Musoni said such elections are conducted differently in nations like Zimbabwe, adding that the opposition is so fragmented to the extent that it can’t compete well for political space to dislodge the ruling Zanu PF party from power.

At the same time, Musoni said electoral systems in Zimbabwe appear to always favor the ruling party.

“Most of elections (in Zimbabwe) … there is a lot of manipulation in the electoral system … I see the opposition getting into serious trouble with the internal discord that is happening … and how do you deal with Zanu PF which of course is very much united. They (the ruling party) win elections, however, they do it through rigging or whatever ...”

Interview With Professor Musoni
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