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Election of Donald Trump Sparks Protests in New York

A protester standing up for her beliefs.

Thousands of Americans are staging a mass protest in New York over the election of real estate mogul Donald Trump they claim is unfit to be the next United States president.

The protesters, who converged at Union Square before marching to the Trump Tower in the city Wednesday night, carried placards expressing their dismay over the election of the businessman, who defeated former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton in the Tuesday presidential poll.

A protester in New York outside the Trump Tower
A protester in New York outside the Trump Tower

Some people were already in the streets Wednesday afternoon vowing to crush the Trump presidency claiming that he insulted millions of Americans when he staged an anti-establishment campaign that is said to have undermined the status of women, people living with disabilities and others.

One of protesters, who only wanted to be identified as Stephanie, said she can't stand the president elect and like most of her colleagues called for the arrest and prosecution of the Republican over allegations of abusing women over the years.

Several others echoed the same sentiments noting that they dislike Mr. Trump.

Some people that were milling around Trump Tower on 6th Street appealed for unity among defeated Democrats and Republicans noting that the process of democracy should be respected by all Americans.

Local resident, Donald Nelson (84), said the country would plunge into a political crisis if the transition of power from President Barack Obama to Trump is not handled properly.

Several women have openly claimed that Mr. Trump abused them.

In her presidential election concession speech, Clinton appealed to her supporters to respect the outcome of the poll.

Some protests have been reported in states like Chicago and Carlifornia.