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US Youth Vote of Color Highest for Democrats

Emili Prado, 21, left, legal liaison for La Colmena, a community-based organization working with immigrant workers, walk with volunteers Christine Cuenca, 18, center, and Jason Jimenez, 19, right, to deliver information local business in a campaign…

While the 2020 U.S. presidential election remains undecided, data show that the youth vote— specifically youth of color — in most states widely supported Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Citing data compiled by the National Election Poll exit polls and AP VoteCast data from the Associated Press, the youth vote in key states the morning after Election Day was:

Pennsylvania: Youth made up 14% of the vote and supported Biden by +23.

Michigan: Youth made up 15% of the vote and supported Biden by +29.

North Carolina: Youth made up 16% of the vote and supported Biden by +16.

Georgia: Youth made up 21% of the vote and supported Biden by +15.

Wisconsin: Youth made up 14% of the vote and supported Biden by +27.

Arizona: Youth made up 17% of the vote and supported Biden by +28.

Highlighting Georgia

“Notable is the youth share of the vote in Georgia — the highest of any state for which we have data — which nearly matches the percentage of eligible young voters in the electorate,” reported the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

CIRCLE cited youth voters of color as part of the increased energy among 18-to-29-year olds.

Young people of color were more likely to support Biden, while white youth lent more support to President Donald Trump, CIRCLE reported.

For example, in Arizona, 71% of Latino youth said they cast votes for Biden vs. 54% of whites voting for Biden, CIRCLE reported.

“Young Latinos were 17 percentage points more likely to support Biden than white youth,” CIRCLE stated.

In North Carolina and Georgia, 90% or more of Black youth voted for Joe Biden, while white youth supported Trump.

“Young voters of color were also incredibly influential in Texas,” although the electoral college votes for that state went to Trump, CIRCLE stated. “Black youth supported Biden over Trump, 91% to 8%.”

“Latino youth supported Biden 73% to 25%. Meanwhile, young white voters in Texas preferred Trump: 51% to 45%.”

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