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U.S Urges Zimbabwe to Stop Resurfacing Political Violence

File: University students were last week beaten up by the police as they demonstrated against high tuition fees and lack of accommodation.

The U.S. Embassy in Harare on Tuesday urged Zimbabwe to urgently take action to stem resurging political violence in the country following the axing to death of two ruling party activists at the weekend.

Prior to that, incidents of intra-party and inter-party violence recorded in recent weeks have been rising.

It said in a statement, “The U.S Embassy notes our grave concern over the reports of recent incidents of politically motivated violence in Zimbabwe.”

“Acts of intimidation and inter or intra-party political violence are unacceptable in a democracy, and those responsible for instigating such violence should be brought to justice.”

The embassy called on all parties to respect “the democratic principles that are set out in Zimbabwe’s constitution and which will contribute to a peaceful, just and democratic society.”

The European Union also issued a statement Tuesday condemning the re-surgence of political violence in Zimbabwe as did opposition political party, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA).

NCA spokesman Madock Chivasa told VOA Studio 7 urgent action is needed to stop the violence.

Commenting, independent political analyst, Chamunorwa Madiridze, said the resurgence of political violence may be a sign into how the 2018 elections would look like