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Tsvangirai Urges Youth to Vote in 2018 Zimbabwe Elections

The Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai has urged youth in Zimbabwe to fully participate in the 2018 general election saying the future of the country is in their hands.

In a Christmas message, the party leader said, “… It is no use being lied to everyday that you are the leaders of tomorrow when tomorrow is under serious threat from the leaders of today.

“We run the risk of raising a lost generation - a generation that wants jobs but that is scared to demand them. Remember this government promised to create 2,2 million jobs but has created 2,2 million struggling vendors instead. I urge all the young people to take part in the affairs of their country by registering to vote and determining their own future. This is the time when we expect dancehall musicians to create new lyrics that urge the youth to register and vote.”

Tsvangirai stressed that “to the young generation, I say you can only deal with your dire poverty if you register to vote this government out of office in 2018.

“This is the challenge I give to the young people and to all Zim-dancehall chanters. You must chat and tweet your way into a new Zimbabwe in a big way by urging each other to register to vote in your millions.”

Tsvangirai further noted that Zimbabweans in all parts of the country are struggling to survive due to the current harsh socio-economic environment.

“To all Zimbabweans in the villages and in the towns, I know the suffering we are all facing. I know that whole families are surviving on less than a dollar a day. I am aware of the grinding poverty in the villages and in the towns. Let us brace for an even tougher 2017. Let us shake the foundations of this repression and come out in our millions to register to vote and on the actual voting day so that we can collectively and decisively determine our future.”

He said local people should take advantage of the Christmas holiday to sit down and caucus as families and debate whether as a people “we really deserve this suffering. After all, we are a nation of heroes. Repression knows no colour. We fought repression and we can do it again.

“Indeed, the future can only be in our open hands. I wish I could say Merry Christmas but I can’t.”

Zimbabwe is facing an economic decline with the ruling party blaming targeted sanctions imposed on President Robert Mugabe and his inner circle as the major cause of the country’s decaying economy.