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Top Tajamuka Sesijikile Activist in Hot Soup Over 'Missing' Donor Funds

FILE: Tajamuka-Sesijikile Campaign spokesman Promise Mkwananzi in court for spearheading protests in Zimbabwe.

One of the leaders of protest group, Tajamuka Sesijikile Campaign, Promise Mkhwananzi has decided to step down while investigations are being carried out following reports that he allegedly misappropriated donor funds.

In a statement, Mkhwananzi said, “Following serious allegations being levelled against me by Fadziso Doyce nee Jena, I am temporarily recusing myself from the position of Tajamuka spokesperson to save the movement from my personal troubles and to take time to clear my name and allow my colleagues to take a look at the allegations.

“I will continue to serve and participate in Tajamuka activities but no longer in the capacity of its spokesperson. Thank you. God bless you all.”

Doyce claims that she has been funding Tajamuka every month but the funds cannot be accounted for by Mkhwananzi.

His a letter to his colleagues at Tajamuka, he noted that “You might have seen the allegations and accusations that I have been subjected to. My priorities lie first and foremost with my family but I do understand my obligation to total transparency and personal integrity to the organization.

“Given the seriousness of the allegations and the possible impact on the standing of the Tajamuka brand I am temporarily stepping down as the spokesperson to allow the organization the chance to subject me to internal scrutiny and also to accord myself time to personally deal with the allegations.

“I will continue upon your approval to partake in the activities of the organization as an ordinary member. It is my hope that you are going to stand with me and also continue to have hope in the organization as we move towards rebuilding trust and strengthening our struggle.”

Tajamuka was formed a year ago by various organization numbering more than 42. Its main objective is to fight for the rights of Zimbabweans. The organization has so far organized and engaged in various protests, including at least two that paralyzed Zimbabwe.

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