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'Mum Will Always Do The Best for Kids'

Shungu Jani and her mum Moira Rufaro Jani on Mothers' Day.

Many Zimbabweans celebrate the sacredness of Mother’s Day every year, as it has become a norm to recognize their role as procreators in humanity and their unquantifiable contribution in society. Motherhood is seen as a mammoth task usually by their daughter,s who in their upcoming teen years may not see much value, but many appreciate their mothers later in life, and especially by those who go through a life-changing experience.

Shungu and her new baby Tyler
Shungu and her new baby Tyler

One such mother, Shungu Jani, a university graduate based in the USA, has recently become a new mother of a two and half month’s son, Tyler, said her journey into motherhood has been an amazing experience.

“Experience as a new mother, it’s been an amazing journey. Having him and seeing him every morning and having sleepless nights, have been an amazing experience. I would do it all over again.”

“I never understood love until the day he was born. Just how pure love can be and now understanding love and looking and seeing how special this life is and knowing it depends on you.”

She shares how becoming a mother has positively impacted her relationship with her own mother in a positive way. She says she has new love and respect for her.

“My mum cannot do no wrong again, you know when you are a child you are opinionated, and sometimes you think your mum don’t understand you. But ever since I became a mum, I have always loved my mum, but now I have a new love and new respect for her, even a new understanding being in her position. Honestly, I love her more, even more now, that I have a son.”

Other Zimbabweans posted messages on social media, Facebook, and messaging application, WhatsApp.

Nancy Nyarambi wrote, “There are no words to describe how much I love my mom, she's the best mom. I love her so much, thanks Mom for being my Mom.”

Not to be left out, Thabani Bhebhe said, “This day is very special to me, I have no words how I express my love to you my mom. Thanks for being my mom.” He added, “I always pray to God, May you live long, and May you always be with me. Love you more than my life. Love You Mom.”

“Happy Mothers’ Day to all ladies around the world. Sisters. Grandmothers mothers we love you. Long life to you all,” wrote Bhekisipho.

These sentiments were echoed by Tusa Kudakwashe. “My mother always told me that ‘Without discipline, there's no life at all’ also she works everything even in the absence of my father. I just want to say happy mothers' day. Your advice is in my inner heart.”

There were others, who after the loss of their mothers still acknowledge them on Mother’s Day.

Heristence Chifamba said, “My mother was born in 1978, in Chinhoyi. She went to school for 11 years. She worked as a maidservant in Harare as well as in Bulawayo. Unfortunately, she died in 2008.”