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Survey: Nkosana Moyo Should Abandon Zimbabwe's 2018 Presidential Race

Dr. Nkosana Moyo
Dr. Nkosana Moyo

A large number of people say Dr. Nkosana Moyo, who recently declared that he is contesting Zimbabwe’s presidential election in 2018, should pull out of the race.

In an informal survey on VOA Studio 7 Twitter, about 72 percent of the respondents said Dr. Moyo has to withdraw while 13 percent noted that he should contest the poll.

Fifteen percent were not sure what Moyo should do in the survey conducted between Sunday and Tuesday.

The informal survey is not universally applicable to the generality of Zimbabweans as few people use Twitter. At least 32 people responded to the informal survey.

The presidential aspirant launched a social movement – Alliance for the People’s Agenda – which he wants to use to mobilize Zimbabweans to vote for him.

Dr. Moyo was not reachable for comment.

On VOA Studio 7 respondents also had mixed feelings over Dr. Moyo's move to contest the poll. Here are some of the remarks made by respondents.

Milton Nkomo They haven't even heard what he is planning to do for this country if he wins, n they are quickly dismissing him. Isn't that stupidity? Just listen to him, hear what he says!

Gerald Madzimure I think most people know what he stands for the challenge is his support base is on social media,I for one feel in terms of integrity,cv etc hez the best candidate but the one reason I won't vote for him is his chances of wooing voters between now and election day are zero so why support him for the sake of just supporting maybe after 2018 if the dynamics of Zim politics change for better yes

Houston Austin Muzamhindo I'll challenge Gerald by asking why we should support any other candidate for the sake of just hating ZanuPF because truth is all other candidates are just there because people hate Zanu not because they offer the country anything substantial

Itai Kumire Chanetsa pana Dr ava mapindindiro pple recognises the threat he is likely to cause by spliting up the opposition vote hence they will tence up against him.

Squbu Bugatti KaJubane well reject him at your own peril. the guy is so far the best candidate but because Zimbabweans hate the best but love the waste they won't like him

Lovemore T Marenga Yooooh best??? Really? Wat criteria r u using

Squbu Bugatti KaJubane of course tell me why you think he's not the best? If you know your country very well and this guy equally so then there's no doubt he's the best. And I tell you even the President and his friends himself know that. And am sure they are petrified as we speak.

Gram Ganya Chiwara The best who goes into hybernation when the going goes tough only shows his nose when others have done the ground work If he wins he will claim ndini ndakagobora minda kurima zvese nekudyara mbesa

Percy Mugebe Set for resignation from Mugabe's government what else has Dr done nd as for 2018 elections I think in all fairness lets agree its now too late for any new entry unless otherwise.

Solomon Chimukuyu We tired of empty promises

Simbarashe Zamba If he really love Zimbabwe, he should not contest,

Kingston Munanzvi He is on a mission to split votes

Kilfford DoctorCliff Mudodo Withdraw iwe Nkosana

Dicent Khoza Should stay off the race bcoz is disturbing the race

Leo Dzidzani It is within his democratic right to contest

Peter Siwela Kimbini shld try 2023

Moses Mabika Wasting his time


Je M'appelle Kindness Khupe he must contest

Esther Tepa Shonhiwa He has a right to contest