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Studio 7 Headlines, Thursday, October 2, 2015

Voice of America Studio 7
Voice of America Studio 7

Parliamentarians reject attempts by the government to take over the Public Service Medical Aid Society’s debt amounting to $144 million.

Deliberations continue at the United Nations General Assembly in New York with technocrats finding ways of implementing Sustainable Development Goals adopted by all nations last Friday.

People living with disabilities say they are struggling to make ends meet in Zimbabwe with an unemployment rate estimated at more than 85 percent. The official unemployment figure is 10,7 percent.

A state official in the Ministry of Environment says Zimbabwe has adopted a climate change adaptation program to reduce its impact on local communities.

And indications are that the future of Cuthbert Dube as president of the Zimbabwe Football Association is hanging by a thread by each passing hour.

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Studio 7 Headlines, Friday, October 2, 2015
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