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College Students Clean up Zimbabwe Highway

Lomagundi College students picking up litter along one of Zimbabwe's highways (Photo/Arthur Chigoriwa)
Lomagundi College students took the anti-littering campaign to Chinhoyi on Wednesday where they cleaned up and picked litter along the Harare-Chirundu highway from the Chinhoyi central business district to the Chinhoyi Caves.

Littering has become a problem in most cities and towns in Zimbabwe. It is very common to see people throwing litter through car or bus windows. So, Lomagundi school authorities and students decided to launch a campaign to inculcate into ordinary people “a culture of smartness” into Zimbabweans in general.

Headmaster Morrias Elland, who joined his students in the cleaning exercise, said such campaigns should target young people so that the nation can hopefully nurture a generation of non-litters.

Elland said, “If everybody works together we can make a difference and the motivation factor is to keep our country clean.”

Brooke Bester, one of the students in the Wednesday’s campaign, said it was exciting to participate in the clean-up exercise in the community.

She said more people should follow suit to ensure Zimbabwe’s cities and towns are litter free.

“Every day I come to school I see all the litter, it disappoints me. I then decided I want to be part of this team to clean up my town. It is good what we are doing because it is our country and town,” said Bester.

Another student, Bernard Dzimwe, said litter especially plastic, is harmful to the environment. Besides the environmental damage, he said litter takes the shine off Zimbabwe’s cities.

Elland further noted that Lomagundi plans to work with other schools in Chinhoyi on future clean-up campaigns with the aim of targeting children so they can also educate their peers and parents on why littering is bad for the country.

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) says all motorists must have litter bins in their vehicles or risk a $15 fine. This, in a bid to deter motorists from littering along the country’s roads and highways. Passengers face the same fine.