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South Africa Parly to Question Zuma Over Grace Mugabe Diplomatic Immunity

FILE: Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, front left, and South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, front right, enter the Union building in Pretoria, April 8, 2015. Also pictured are Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe, rear left, and South Africa's first lady.

South African opposition parties are expected to question President Jacob Zuma in parliament today following his government's decision to grant Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity after allegedly assaulting a local model.

The Economic Freedom Fighters led by Julius Malema is set to spearhead the attacks on Mr. Zuma, who is widely viewed by this party as an illegitimate president following a string of corruption accusations against the South African leader.

Mrs. Mugabe was granted diplomatic immunity a few days after she was asked to report to a Johannesburg police station for allegedly assaulting Gabriella Engels, who she found socializing with her two sons in a Sandton Hotel.

There has been an outcry in South Africa and Zimbabwe over the granting of diplomatic immunity to Mrs. Mugabe with opposition parties in both nations accusing the ruling African National Congress of backing the Zimbabwean first lady.

AfriForum has taken the matter to court seeking to overturn the granting of diplomatic immunity to Mrs. Mugabe, arguing that it was an improper act designed to cover up a criminal offence.

The Zimbabwean first lady has not yet commented on the issue. Some Zanu PF supporters on Wednesday staged a solidarity march in Harare to show their support for the underfire Mrs. Mugabe.

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