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Some Democrats’ Cellphones Hacked, FBI Believes

FILE -- Russian government hackers penetrated the computer network of the Democratic National Committee, the FBI believes. And are now believed to be targeting the cellphone of some Democratic Party figures.

FBI investigators believe foreign hackers have targeted mobile phones used by a small number of Democratic Party figures, possibly including elected officials, four political and government sources said Tuesday.

The hacking attempts occurred within the last month or so, the sources said.

Two sources said investigators believe the attacks were carried out by hackers connected to the Russian government. One source said the FBI asked some of those whose phones were targeted to turn over their devices so that investigators can look at them.

This follows an attack by hackers on the central data servers of key Democratic Party organizations, including the Democratic National Committee.

Thousands of the DNC's emails and documents were hacked earlier this year. They revealed that the DNC gave preferential treatment to Hillary Clinton over her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin maintained in an interview with media outlet Bloomberg that Russia had nothing to doing with the hacking of the U.S. Democratic National Committee.