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Political Situation in Zimbabwe Worrying U.S Congressmen, Political Activists

U.S. Senators Jeff Flake and Cory Booker - Hearing on Zimbabwe

Some Zimbabweans and Americans are concerned that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government may fail to live up to expectations with indications that it may, instead, be more oppressive than the ousted president Robert Mugabe’s government.

Most of the concerns stem from the presence of the military on the streets in most urban areas and Mnangagwa’s links to the former president.

Tendai Biti of the opposition People’s Democratic Party says the military’s involvement in Zimbabwean politics is worrying millions of people in the country.

Biti says electoral reforms are key in ensuring that Zimbabwe transitions to a democratic state.

He believes that there should be honest engagements between the Mnangagwa and Donald Trump administration, which will benefit Zimbabweans and Americans.

The United States imposed targeted sanctions on former President Robert Mugabe and his colleagues following claims of electoral fraud and violation of human rights. Stephanie Sullivan of the U.S Department of State, says the United States is not shifting its engagements with Zimbabwe following the removal of Mugabe from power.

Sullivan says U.S wants Zimbabwe to conduct free and fair elections in order to transform the nation’s harsh economic and political situation.

Congressmen Senator Jake Flake, concurs, noting that there are serious concerns over Mnangagwa’s government links with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

Flake notes that only free and fair elections will shape future relations between USA and Zimbabwe.

But Zanu PF activist Frenk Guni has dismissed these concerns, saying a lot is happening right now in Zimbabwe under Mnangagwa’s government.

Guni says security forces are set to leave the streets when they have accomplished their mission.

The U.S Congress held a meeting on Zimbabwe on Tuesday focusing on the future of the country following the removal of Mugabe from office by the army in conjunction with the ruling Zanu PF party.

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