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Sheffra Dzamara: Abductors Please Release My Husband Itai

  • Gibbs Dube

The wife of abducted political activist, Itai Dzamara, has made a passionate appeal to his captors to release the Occupy Africa Unity Square leader, whose organization has been pressing for the resignation of President Robert Mugabe claiming that he has failed to run the country.

Sheffra Dzamara’s appeal comes exactly seven months on Friday after her husband was abducted in Harare’s Glen View high density suburb.

Dzamara said, “It’s seven months after the abduction of my husband. I don’t know what is happening to him but I hope that he is still alive. We pray to God that his abductors will release him because we want to see him alive. We are missing him a lot.

“I ask in the name of Jesus Christ for those abductors to release him. My kids and I miss him a lot. Please release Itai Dzamara so he can be with his family.”

A member of this organization, Charles Nyoni, said they are dragging government to court to force it to find Itai Dzamara.

Nyoni said, “It’s sad that we have clocked seven months after the abduction of our dear comrade and colleague Itai Dzamara … Through the Lawyers for Human Rights we have now started launching another complaint in the High Court so that we can force the government and police department that they should continue carrying out investigations (to find him).”​