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'Security Incident' at US Capitol

The U.S. Capitol building is shown on lockdown following a shooting incident at the building's Visitors Center, in Washington, March 28, 2016. (N. Ardanza/VOA)

The U.S. Capitol and the White House are on lockdown after gunshots were fired inside the Capitol Visitor Center, where tourists gather to take tours.

Capitol Police say a man who brandished a gun was taken into custody. One Capitol Police officer was reported wounded, but not seriously.

People inside the Capitol and the White House were told to shelter in place.

There was no reported incident at the White House.

Police cordoned off access to the Capitol. An ambulance was at the scene.

A tourist from the state of Ohio, Diane Bilo, told VOA on the grounds of the Capitol that her husband and children were locked down inside. She said police told everyone outside the complex to run away.

Congress is in recess for the Easter holiday, but it is a busy week for tourists in Washington. many of them have come to see the world renowned cherry blossoms that are now in full bloom.