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Southern African Central Bank Governors Hold Strategic Meeting in Harare

Various committees will start deliberations Tuesday on regional central bank operations, cross-border clearing, monetary policies and cooperation

Central bank governors of 15 member states of the Southern African Development Community gathered Monday in Harare, Zimbabwe, for a four-day meeting focused on regional economic integration and monetary policy.

It is the first meeting in Zimbabwe for the central bankers the SADC governors group was formed in 2005.

Central bank sources said various committees will on start deliberations Tuesday on regional central bank activities, cross-border clearing systems, monetary policies and areas of central bank cooperation.

Each member state delegation will focus on a strategic sector such as energy, agriculture, water and land management in the aim of building the capacity of all nations in the region.

The meeting will also focus on strengthening SADC stock markets and the regional banking association.

Economic commentator Rejoice Ngwenya told VOA Studio 7 reporter Gibbs Dube that Zimbabwe may not benefit from the meeting as much as some other countries due to its current economic and political challenges.