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South African Police Disperse Protesters Demanding Reversal of Import Ban Law

The Beitbridge border post in Zimbabwe's Matabeleland South province.

South African police with the assistance of the army Monday dispersed thousands of people who had converged at the Musina border post protesting against a law banning the importation of some goods.

Reports from the border town say there were skirmishes between the police and some protesters resulting in the arrest of a handful people.

Musina is on the South African side from across the Beitbridge border of Zimbabwe.

Organizers of the protest said they were going to picket at the border post, discouraging any commercial activity at all the country’s borders, until the ban is reversed.

Studio 7 was not able to ascertain the level of activity at other border crossings.

One of the organizers of the protest Dennis Juru of the International Cross Borders’ Association said they are confident that the protest will force the Zimbabwean authorities to reverse the ban.

"The turnout was very, very impressive and people gathered at the China Mall but police and the army dispersed the people," said Juru.

He added that they were happy that there was no commercial activity at one of Zimbabwe's busiest cross border bus terminal, Rodeport in Harare.