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RENAMO Leader Afonso Dhlakama Dies

Mozambique Peace Accord

Myara Fernandes

The leader of RENAMO, the main opposition party in Mozambique, Afonso Dhlakama died Thursday in Gorongosa.

Sources from the party and members of Mr. Dhlakama’s family told VOA Portuguese.

“We’ll talk to you later” said a member of the family, without denying or confirming his death.

In the meantime, a source from RENAMO said that a statement will be released at 8.30pm, Maputo time.

Some diplomats in Mozambique's capital, Maputo, have been sharing information among confirming that Mr. Dhlakama has passed away.

The cause of the death is not yet confirmed, but some sources say it was a heart attack, while others say it was diabetes.

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